Monday, January 21, 2013

A Zebra in the Master Bedroom? No thanks! But, wait!

Hello Readers!

I want to jot a quick note about an adorable update I did recently.  I was looking for something for this space in my master bedroom.

Ignore the dog crate and random junk on dresser.

The room is huge and a little quirky (read: corner-y). My first thought was a chair flanking each side of the dresser.  But, really, how much seating do you need in your master bedroom?  I know some people may need more but we typically don't have large audiences in our bedroom ;) and we already have a settee at the foot of our bed (not the one in the pic above).

In addition to the 10-foot ceilings, the large scale of the dresser mandates something larger on at least one side.  So, I have decided to put a chair on the right side near the windows.  In my dreams I would love to have this swoon worthy piece of eye candy from Arhaus (really, that description & this pic don't do it justice).

Alas, I do not have an extra $1500 for that little slice of heaven so I moved something from another part of the house that isn't perfect but will do for now.

On the left side of the dresser, I was inspired to do a bench seat by the folks over at Bryant Park Designs in this post.  Unfortunately, K-mart was all out of the cheetah but Ross had these (thanks Jacki for spotting this!)

They were $45 and ugly as sin in their current state but I had high hopes for the future.  I ran on over to Ross and snatched one up!

I lived with it as a zebra for a few weeks while I searched for a fabric.

I found the fabric and got plenty of it so I could do a table topper for my Ballard round table and maybe a bolster for the bed.  Here's a close-up of the pattern on the fabric.

The pattern on the comforter is a larger scale so the small dots blended perfectly.

Since I can't sew a lick, I was anxious to get started on what I could do...put that zebra out of its misery.  And by me, I mean my husband.  

The look on his face says: quit taking my pic!
So, here is what we have now.

I know, it needs art on the walls and we're still waiting on my fairy godmother to bring me the Arhaus chair but it's something.  

The height of the bench doesn't block your view of the room from the door and adds some interest by introducing a new fabric to the space.

There's still a long way to go in this room but it's progress!  I think the bench made the bedroom decor just a tad more adorable, don't you?

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