Monday, January 28, 2013

Backsplash Mania

When designing a kitchen, every tiny detail needs to be considered (try to avoid having your brain explode!) While shiny appliances tend to take center stage, the backsplash is like well-placed accessories on the perfect outfit.  Yes, the outfit alone is nice but the baubles put it over the top!

However, as with your clothing ensemble, you don't want the extras to diminish or detract from the star of the show. With this in mind, I set out to find a neutral, somewhat timeless design for my larger-than-life, modern kitchen.

Just for a giggle, we'll start with the kitchen fashion DON'T's:

Exhibit A:
Naked Mer-persons. Eeeeek
Exhibit B:
This is Cary, not Tuscany. Source: indesignartandcraft
Exhibit C:
Source: Fruits and vegetables: not in a good way
So you get the idea, right? I have given some fine examples of "what-not-to-tile" but the list is incomplete with out more of the Italian countryside and some rabid raccoons.
Bah-ha-ha-ha! You have to check out this blog. Hilarious! Seriously, I can't stop.

    Now let's look at some inspiration.....

I really like this one, but I simply cannot commit to color in something with this kind of longevity. 
Source: Multi-tile

I like the natural stone in this kitchen, but the inset goes awry for me. Again, looking for "less is more".
Source: Design Lines
NOW we're getting somewhere. This is some natural stone that I won't tire of. Now to source it.

Hey, wha-da-ya know!! They have it in stock at Home Depot. Gotta love the Depot.
Glass tile

Walnut Travertine: Home Depot

Sir Walker kitchen Before

In the midst of the mess

A few neutral glass mosaic square dots to complete the basket weave. Layers are always good in home decor.

Just waiting for the thin set to dry so I can remove the spacers. 

Sir Walker Kitchen After

 That's the backsplash folks. Beautiful. Timeless. Subtle. Natural. 

and let's not forget Fabulous, functional and frugal.

Patrick installed and grouted it in a weekend. Not too shabby!

Real life mess.


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