Friday, January 11, 2013

Bringing the outdoor (accessories) inside

I think rugs (and pillows…but that’s another post) really bring a space together and create a cozy, fabulous vignette!  However, rugs are expensive.  And when you have children (or pets, or messy (yet adorable) husbands), you can (and should) be hesitant to spend major moolah on a beautiful rug. When you couple that dilemma with an eating space…like a dining room or breakfast nook or kitchen…it can leave you utterly perplexed.  While we all endeavor to have d├ęcor we can adore…. we have to actually LIVE in it.   Hmmm…. what to do…. what to do….

Sad little breakfast nook without a rug.
You’ve gotta think out of the house, er box, a little.  That’s right friends—an outdoor rug can be the answer to your decorating woes.  Once upon a time outdoor rugs were U-G-L-Y—and they didn’t have an alibi!  But they’ve come a long way baby!  There are some seriously good looking outdoor rugs to be had.  Not only do they look great—YOU CAN HOSE THEM OFF!  Yep, peanut butter and jelly don’t stand a chance to the fierce, backyard hose coupled with a little dish soap. 
These are my kids ignoring the fact that I just heaved a rug from another part of the house to see how the size works.

So, after I had this epiphany I was on the hunt to find an outdoor rug to go under the table in my breakfast area.  The colors in my house are browns and blue/greens so I was looking for something to work with that color palette.  Enter the ravella rug.  Not only is it beautiful but it is PRACTICAL and pretty affordable.  At $300 it won’t break the bank.  However, in this house I would be pretty upset to have to replace it (for whatever reason my family can dream up).  And, I would definitely have to wait awhile to replace it.

I originally sourced this fabulous rug online.  Then on a breeze through my local Haverty’s, I saw it as well.  Same price but I remembered getting a 50% off one accessory (a rug is technically an accessory) coupon in the mail.  Although the one I recalled had expired, the salesperson assured me they send them all the time. So, I had to wait a few months but I ended up scoring this piece of uber-awesomeness for 150 clams!  I think it really brings the whole space together.  Don’t you think it’s adorable too?
View of the breakfast nook and kitchen.

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