Friday, January 11, 2013

"Custom" Drapery

As I said, I live in an area where many of the homes are very similar.  One of those similarities is the trend toward 10’ ceilings.

One of my design dilemmas was what in the world to do with my arched windows flanking the fireplace.  I have such a large area to cover (113” from floor to the bottom of the crown molding) so I originally thought custom was the only way to go (read: $$$$)
Arched windows (one on either side of fireplace). Note: Ignore messy living room.

I wanted a floor to ceiling look (which would require 113” panels) but I found the work around! Here’s what I did:

Step 1: Mount the curtain rod 2” below the bottom of crown molding.
Step 2: Use large curtain rings with drapery hooks instead of the rod pocket.
Step 3: Pin the drapery hooks as close to the top of the back of the panel (without being seen from the front).

The overall look is a floor to ceiling panel AND they are functional!  Since that side of the house gets afternoon sun, we frequently close the curtains to avoid blindness!

Who said math wouldn’t come in handy in real life?  How adorable!

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