Friday, January 11, 2013

Gotta start somewhere!

So, I've been checking out a cool website my sister recommended awhile back.  It is a married couple that is really into DIY projects and a Pottery Barn catalog look on the cheap.  Their projects are super cool and their posts are cheeky reads for sure.  I've enjoyed getting to know Sherry & John through their website at YHL.   You should definitely check them

When my sister first suggested I check this site out, she said, "You should totally do this!  Build your own site."  And she was right. People tell me all the time that my home(s) look like a model; I have great taste, etc.  I really enjoy the finished product more than the hunt I must say.  But, you have to be patient to create "that decorator look" unless you have a budget like Oprah Winfrey's!

I live in an area that is less quaint and cozy than the YHL folks and full of neighborhoods built by nationally recognized builders, in other words, tract homes.  Now, that can be interpreted as a bit of a slur if you take it the wrong way--which I do not.  Most of my friends live in neighborhoods like this, and they range from the McMansions to the patio farms.  But, they have one main similarity...all the houses kind of of look alike and there are only a few different floor plans to choose in each neighborhood.  There are definitely pros and cons to this type of living.  You may or may not have picked out some of the features (lighting, cabinets, paint color, etc.) but for the most part you aren't having to replace the leaky roof and other non-fun, $$$$$, booorrrrinng projects that come along with buying something other than new construction.  And you can go room by room and really put your stamp on your house to make it truly one of a kind in a sea of similarity.

I guess you could say decorating is a hobby for me.  I am always thinking of ways to rearrange, freshen up or redo some nook or cranny at my house.  But, I can't do it without my right hand gal!  My friend Jacki and I are constantly changing something in our homes, scouting Marshall's and TJMaxx Homegoods for the perfect accessories or silk curtains that won't break the bank and strategizing on how to really SCORE a deal on our latest "need" on Craigslist.

Between us we have five children, three dogs, a cat, a bird and two husbands.  With that in mind, we have to combine that Pottery Barn look with functionality that won't drive you nuts trying to keep it clean and catalog worthy (read: no white slipcovers and glass table tops around these parts).   And with children running around, we have to keep knick knacks to a minimum and watch those sharp corners too! 

All this breaks down to a hobby that is fun and practical--because who doesn't need, er, want a beautiful home and garden?  I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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