Thursday, January 24, 2013

Making a bed you adore!


Now that I have your attention, we'll get on with it.

Yep, this is an adorable bed. Whether you haven't had enough coffee yet or you're longing for a romantic getaway with your honey, I know you're loving this bed.

Obviously it looks enticing but may seem a bit intimidating.  Well, buck up girly!  It's just a canopy and a couple of pillows.  But, the first impression IS romance and respite.

While the canopy passes the first part of our Decor You Adore test (oh yea, it's soo fabulous!), it kinda falls short on the functional portion of the test--at least at my house.  I could easily envision my 4-year old swinging like Tarzan from that canopy--which is neither romantic nor relaxing.  And even if I somehow managed to wrangle the little one, I don't know if I could convince my hubby to settle down in something that frou-frou (hope I spelled that right??) every night. (Technically, it IS his room too!)

What to do? Well, I can show you what I did with my bed(s).

I.LOVE.LAYERS.  Simple. Effective. Functional. Fabulous.

And, here are a few other examples from around my home.

My daughter's bed.  She loves snuggling into her down filled duvet.

Our guest room.  The only problem here is that it's so cozy, no one wants to leave;)
Side note: I didn't have room for a dresser in this room so I got a suitcase stand (like the kind in hotels).

 As I said, I do love layers, and pillows and pretty much every bed in the Pottery Barn catalog.  If you're interested in turning your bed into a fluffy-cloud-sleeping-oasis, here are a few points to ponder.

  • Good sheets are not frivolous, they are an investment.  Seriously, think about how much time you spend--over your entire life--in your bed.  Save up for some nice sheets, it can make all the difference.
  • If you like the layered look and don't have a pile of extra cash-ola, break it down into steps.
Here's Jacki's bed with just the Euro shams and the Matelasse coverlet.
  1. Start with a coverlet and some Euro Shams. I'm partial to matelasse, can you tell?  But, there are some nice quilts (see pic of daughter's bed) and quilted coverlets too.  Nothing too heavy since we are LAYERING.  Try to buy these at the same time, if at all possible, so you don't get the coverlet this week and then they're sold out of the matching euro shams next week (after you've already used the aforementioned, shamless coverlet).
  2.  Next, buy yourself a down or down alternative comforter. Even if you don't have a duvet yet, you can still revel in the plush fluffiness of the comforter.  Fold it in thirds at the foot (with a little bit tucked in at the bottom of the bed for stability).  This way, if you're grabbing for your fluff-tastic friend in the middle of the night, it's pretty effortless.

As time and funds allow, add a duvet.  You'll thank me.  The down comforter is awesome but wrapped up all pretty is awesomer!  Don't forget a few standard shams in the same pattern as the duvet.

    3. Top all this fabulosity with a bolster or some throw pillows.  I'm going to have a bolster made for my bed out of the same fabric I used to recover a bench in the room.  You can read all about the bench here.  
  • About the pillows that you actually use for sleeping-- I'm kinda partial to a feather pillow (or 2) but that's me.  Clearly I'm trying to channel the feeling of sleeping on a cloud.
  • Layer order- I typically put the sleeping pillows against the headboard, the euros next, the standard shams and then the smaller pillows (bolster, etc.) But, play around with it and see what you like best.  Also, notice how they do it in magazines & catalogs.  They're paying some seriously talented stylists to dress those beds (and lure you into buying their wares).  Remember-imitation IS the highest form of flattery!
  • One more note about the layered look--Some folks like to pull the covers all the way up to the headboard.  If you do that, you're missing out on a layering opportunity--those investment sheets we just talked about.  

If you like this idea, you'll fold the top sheet and the coverlet about a third of the way back (as if you're going to be crawling in soon--but you're not--you're making the bed!) and then flip the edge back toward the headboard (for a more finished look). 

I hope this inspired you with some fresh ideas for creating a bed you can't wait to make every morning.  Do you have tips you can share?  What is YOUR bed-making style?  We'd love to hear from you!  Leave a comment below and upload pictures of your own fabulous beds on our facebook page too; we'd love to see them.

Also, don't forget about our give-away.  See the official rules here.


  1. Replies
    1. While I can make a bed, I CANNOT fold a sheet. I bow to your awesome sheet-folding skills!

  2. Love. You always have the most inviting home and comfortably layered guest bed!

  3. @ Kelley & Jen- are you guys both leaving comments to score an invite to sleep over in the fluffy cloud bed wonderland? I'm on to your schemes!

  4. Exactly! Complete with homemade donuts too!

  5. I should get credit for the final flip on the bed making routine!

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