Sunday, January 20, 2013

Need to clear clutter? Become Tray Chic!

Nope, I didn't misspell a French word.  Trays.are.chic. And that's all.  What is so great about a tray? Why is she obsessed today?  Let me tell you my friends....

The basic idea of this blog is having an adorable, fabulous space that your family can function in...on the cheap.  Let's analyze the anatomy of being "tray chic".

First things first- is it fabulous?  Well, yea.  What's not fabulous about this?  Doesn't it scream fabulosity? 


Is it functional?  Sure is.  Because a bunch of junk on the counter (insert other words here like dresser, nightstand, vanity, and the list goes on!) is just a bunch of junk on the counter.  But, CONTAINED junk is a little bit easier on the eyes.  Don't you agree?

Here's some more eye candy---

Now for the real test--is it frugal?  Can you do it without breaking the bank?  Of course you can spend a ton of money on a fancy tray...but you don't need to. Check out this goodwill SCORE!

That's right--less than $4! It was originally gold & we didn't take pics (apologies!).
plain, tray that's been spray-painted black

A leftover wallpaper sample (read: free).  
Measure and cut a piece of wallpaper and activate the glue on the back.

And add your junk (read: stuff you can't live without).

Don't you adore this fabulous, functional, frugal way to contain everyday items?

Check out this post from Emily A. Clark on clearing the clutter.  Or, visit this site for more ideas or to make a custom tray for yourself...and your junk!

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