Friday, February 1, 2013

BIG IMPACT! Embrace the winter blues!


Do these chilly days have you longing for a warmer climate?  Us too!  This pic makes me want to jump in the car and drive to the beach! For me it's just a three hour drive. Hmmm...wonder if I could make it back before the boys get off the bus?

And I was really beach-sick when I strolled through Big Lots yesterday.  Who knew they have toys for big kids now?

Yep, in case you are checking your calendar, it IS only the first day of February. Surprisingly, it must be THE time to bring out the coastal decor. Who knew? Whatever; I'm in!

Everywhere I go, I'm seeing coastal!  I'm loving these square pottery-esque dinner plates. Retro-Coast? Have I coined a new style?

All this beach stuff has gotten me thinking, can my inner beach bum coupled with a well placed accessory or two, conjure up some sunshine in the midst of winter?

While I tend to spend a little more on investment items like a sofa and quality wood pieces, I like to have some fun with less expensive accessories.  This way, when the trend passes in 20 minutes OR you change your mind about how much you absolutely LOVE tangerine, you don't have to feel guilty about switching things up a bit! BONUS: If you have the winter doldrums, a springy new pillow can snap you right out of your funk without breaking the bank!

 More brightly colored, inexpensive accessories from Big Lots.  Now these are the type of winter blues everyone should have!

This slipper chair could really jazz up a neutral palette.  At $130, take two for an instant vignette!

This is what I found at my local TJ Maxx store. I think it's a bit much all together, but maybe you can add just one piece to a grouping you already have and think of sand between your toes every time you pass by!

What warm daydreams are you having during these cold, winter days?  


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