Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Making an Adorable Gallery Wall!


How many pics are you snapping with that digital camera of yours?  Are you falling into the same trap as the rest of us?  The take-a-bunch-of-pics-but-never-print-them trap? Couple that pitfall with a few gigantic, empty walls in these modern McMansions plus a small (or non-existent) decorating budget and you are on the cusp of one stylish solution my friends. What??? 

Many years ago I decided that my "art" collection wasn't going to be Van Gogh's and Monet's. Not to say those fellows aren't totally worthy of my admiration--they are! Of course there's the tiny fact that I flat out CANNOT afford these pieces. But, my true treasures for display are the ones I made myself. From scratch. That's right, I'm talking about my little monkeys.  

My guess is that you have something more valuable than a Van Gogh or a Monet too.  Whether it's your children (furry or the less hairy variety) or family or last year's prize-winning tomatoes, I'll bet you have a picture (or 200) that would make you smile every time you walk by. As with any project, you may feel overwhelmed. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • Pick a wall.  It doesn't have to be huge but a photo gallery is an inexpensive way to fill a large wall.
  • Look through your photos. You don't need professional pics taken. Think of photos you've taken that make you smile when you happen upon them in your computer files.
  • Decide what color frames might look best against your wall color.  It creates a more cohesive look to do frames of the same color and a more eclectic look to have frames in different colors. Personal preference--you decide!
  • Decide if you want to do a symmetrical display (pictured above) or mix it up a bit using a random array of frames in an assortment of sizes.

These are pics of Jacki's bowling alley hallway gallery.  I love the vinyl lettering interspersed in the display.  Another option is adding your family initial to the wall (hey, you know I love a monogram of any sort!) But, be careful with the vinyl lettering AND the monograms.  You don't want to overdo either!

Pinterest (and the internet at large) is FULL of gallery wall how-to's.  While I was writing, I found a couple more helpful articles on the matter, here and here.

Have you done a gallery wall in your home? Please comment below and tell us about your experience and share any helpful hints you might have learned along the way.


  1. Been thinking about doing this for quite awhile. I have so many cute pictures of the kids hidden away. Only thing is, how do you keep them straight? I'm afraid that would drive me crazy....cause that's how I roll!

  2. Hey Trish, You really can't keep them straight. You just have to straighten them as you see them getting off-kilter! But, I think it is definitely worth it so that you can enjoy the pics you took! Good luck and thanks for reading!


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