Friday, February 8, 2013

Ottoman Woes

We've blogged about our client's living room here and here.  Unlike an episode on HGTV, Rome the Seifert's living room wasn't made fabulous in a day.

Gradually, we have been testing paint colors,

Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter
trying out new furniture,

Throne chair procured from TJ Maxx-not sure if it's staying.
moving furniture from other parts of the house,

We relocated this teak sideboard from the Dining Room

mixing up the room's accessories

and having some fun with pillows and a throw.

Giant gallery size canvas prints of each of the four kids will go on the large wall with the teak sideboard. They are coming from overseas, so we must wait patiently for them. Ugh, that wall is bugging me!

Yesterday the super-fabulous golden yellow ottoman from Tar-Jay arrived.  You saw it on our room mood board-

Um, yeah...about that... It sure did look good in there but...

It had a HOLE in it!!! Yes, we're crying. Sometimes in home decor, tough decisions must be made. The hole means it must be returned but it also helped us realize that the fabric is really thin and our client has 4 kids. Do they make cute teflon cocktail ottomans?

Unfortunately we will not be able to use the ottoman that came yesterday or one like it.  I guess you win some, you lose some.

Here's what we ordered to replace it. I think the color will complement the rug nicely, don't you?

Here's the updated mood board emphasizing the burnt orange color. It'll be fabulous, you just wait! $200 for this bulletproof microfiber beauty. One small hiccup--it won't ship for six weeks!!! Daaaaannnnnnggg.

What do you guys think of the re-do so far?  We have some kitchen and dining room updates we'll share next week! And we're working out the dirty deets on our room re-org contest.  We'll announce official rules on Monday--promise! Have a great weekend!

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