Monday, February 4, 2013

Paralyzed by Familiarity. Props to New Perspective!

Does this picture sum up how you sometimes feel about home decor?

You go to your friends' homes and it seems they have it all together. Or, you read decor blogs and you are certain that you must be the only one that can't figure out how to create fabulous interiors.

Well, typically I don't feel that way.  But this week...I got a wake-up call and an ever-so-slightly bruised ego.  Here I am feeling pretty, darn good about myself after receiving tons of compliments on our new blog-venture.

In the midst of all this euphoria, my hubby and I are trying to get our house ready for sale. So of course I'm not sweating the initial meeting with our realtor...not one bit.  I'm certain she's going to come in and assure me that top dollar will be paid for this fine piece of real estate.  I wish I had sound effects on this blog.  If I did, I would be inserting the sound of screeching tires right now.

Yep, even home decor bloggers can have their world rocked by a realtor that just left a staging class. I think I know how the stars of the A& E TV show "Hoarders" feel.'s not like I'm trying to hold onto my empty diet coke can from 1995 but that is kinda how I felt when she left.

Some before and afters from a Seattle Staging Company:


It was bed time when she left and while I wasn't in the fetal position, I did get in the bed and pull my snuggly covers over my head! It was say the least.



BUT...a good night's sleep and a fresh outlook will do wonders for a girl! All bright-eyed and bushy-tailed I was texting my realtor/psychiatrist pics of my progress before 8am. Overnight I realized something VERY important.  She came into my home with a fresh set of eyes. Even though she's visited before, this time she was looking at things critically(in a nice way!) and I was stuck in the rut of familiarity.

Simply removing the rug and closing the doors on the big, black box, made a HUGE difference!
I'm actually slightly embarrassed that I got schooled on how to arrange a room.  I mean, people are PAYING ME to do that FOR THEM.  I'm writing daily articles on how to make your abode adorable. This is bad, right?  Not really--and here's why. I realized that sometimes, no matter how rockstar-ish you are, you need a fresh perspective.

And that's WHY people are paying us to help them.  It is really hard to see the same furniture/accessories/paint day-after-day and simply start looking at it "with fresh eyes"--no matter your skill level. I will never forget asking Jacki how our clients the Seifert's were digging their redone decor.  Jacki's response: "They almost peed themselves." While that was her exact response, she *may* have exaggerated...a little.  But, they were really excited with the changes we made!

Here's one of the changes the realtor suggested in my home office: Removing one of the brown leather chairs and relocating the file cabinet.

Formal Living Room/Office-BEFORE

You know what I discovered after I did a few switcheroos?  I should've gotten rid of that 2nd chair a long time ago. I was only hanging onto it because I wanted a chair in the office and I had a pair. I bought the pair when we lived somewhere else and didn't have the vision to split them up...because it's what I had! And I look at it all the time. You know what else?  I loved the space! But, I needed a little tough love to help me realize it.

Real estate staging is more about making a space look LARGER than making it more functional for real LIFE.  But, the same principles can be applied to a space that you're not leaving...a space that you look at everyday...a space that could function better for real life. Just because that piece of art has ALWAYS hung over the fireplace, doesn't mean that it wouldn't look better in the dining room.

If you need a fresh set of eyes (or two sets--we travel together!) then check out our services page.  We'd love to come help you.  And trust me--when we look at other people's decor, we are in high gear! Sometimes the process can be a little painful but you will LOVE the end result.

Do you have a room that could use a redesign?  We will be offering one lucky reader a FREE one hour redesign.  Stay tuned for contest details coming later this week!

We love to hear from you! Leave us a comment and tell us about you're nagging design dilemma.

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