Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Two for Tuesday! The Power of Pairs

 You've heard of "The Power of Three" right? When accessorizing, utilize ODD numbers for a pleasing design. Well, today, we are throwing that rule out in the cold and embracing TWOS!
 Introducing, Two for Tuesday, a look at some incredible 
designs utilizing TWO of everything.
This beautiful Master bedroom utilizes symmetry like none other.  Nightstand chests, matching mercury glass lamps, rattan window shades and Ikat curtains make this room feel like home. Now that is pleasing design.
Sarah Dorsey Designs
I love how Sarah Dorsey used matching statement lamp shades on these lamps in her gorgeous gray and yellow bedroom. The geometric pattern and deep mustard gold color pop against all the shades of gray.
 Two architectural prints over the bed are just what this room needs.
Elle Decor
 I'm digging these Asian-inspired console tables mirroring one another in this spacious foyer. We have a client that has an Asian vibe in her home, so I'm acutely aware of anything that says Indonesia or Bali. These simple console tables introduce the influence without screaming. Love it.
 Another example of the power of two. Two planters filled with moss balls really ground this console.

 Narrow porch? Just enough room for TWO.
 Love the ginger jar lamps for a pop of color and the reflective quality of the wall sconces.
Two pendant lights over a kitchen banquette.

What can you do with TWO? We'd love to hear your thoughts; so leave a comment and enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. Love this! I have been accused of only decorating symmetrically (not true btw!) and this is proof that "even" DOES work!


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