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EASY Enamel Glass Paint DIY, avoiding drippy lips, Easter Decor and link-ups!

You know I love me some spray paint right? Well, I wondered what else I could use to create a monochromatic color scheme of accessories in my home.  
Solution: Easy DIY Glass Paint!

The inspiration for this easy glass painting project came from reading this cute blog called P.S. ~ I Made This.  It was the alligator that got me. How cute is he?

I was chased by a Momma alligator once when I got too close to her babies so I have a healthy respect for these beautiful creatures.

To improve the current chaotic look of my existing bookshelves, I went searching for a bunch of random accessories that I could spray paint all one color.  As it turns out, my local Goodwill was fresh out of giant alligators or anything else cute for that matter, so I started thinking about how I could paint glass. I seemed to have plenty of that under my kitchen sink. (14 vases to be exact, who's counting?don't judge!)

Another inspiration picture. Source: Pinterest

That's when I stumbled upon this glass painting technique featured on Sugar and Charm Blog.

GREAT blog Eden! (Note to self: take a photography class--her pics are truly eye candy!)
You can find visit her blog to see her instructions, although they differ a little from mine.

This PermEnamel stuff wasn't very expensive and I already had a boat-load of glassware, so I figured I'd try it! Here's my first attempt. I say first, because I plan to do more (sans drippy lips *see step 7).
The whole idea is have a boatload of these things. Mass planting so to speak.

Supplies Needed:

Glass containers, vases, or votives

Rubbing Alcohol

PermEnamel Surface Conditioner

PermEnamel Paint in your choice of colors

Wide flat DRY brush (you can't mix this stuff with water)

Supplies that you will NOT need:

Water (it does not mix with this paint)

Eager children that want to help
1. Pick out some cute, simply-shaped glass containers. Do not use those curvy florist vases. (See step 4). This is what I had. Too lazy to go back to Goodwill and find some better ones. Plus I was still pouting about my alligator (or lack thereof). 

2. Clean your glass vessel well. Rub the inside with rubbing alcohol to make sure you get off every last greasy paw print.  

3. Pour a thimble full (or less) of the PermEnamel Surface Conditioner inside your glass and take a flat brush to spread it around evenly.

You can design on glass, tile and ceramics. Our innovative air-dry technology makes PermEnamel the only no-bake paint that is dishwasher-safe, microwave and oven-safe to 350°.  Because it is air-dry you can paint anywhere and on any size!
(Not exactly ANY size: see step 4)*

4. Pour a thimble full of PermEnamel Glass Paint into your glass container. Use a DRY paint brush to spread it thinly around the inside. As well as you can, try to evenly cover the inside of your vase thoroughly. I used the color Leaf Green. I just got an EV Leaf, so I thought that was fitting. 

My tag says "WATTSGAS" so if you see me around town, honk!

Note: If you have those hour glass vases from long-expired flower arrangements sitting around thinking you are going to recycle them: DON'T DO IT..........Unless your hands are freakishly small, you'll never be able to get your knuckles inside the lip of the curve to get good paint coverage causing you to say bad words---loudly. Or, that's what I've heard. 

See all of the Delta color choices HERE

5. Once you've brushed on a think coat of paint, turn your vase upside down on some paper towels and let gravity help fill in some of the thin areas. This should only take a few minutes. 

Note: Yet another place I went wrong: Don't get distracted by the dog chasing a bunny in the backyard and forget about your dripping vases. Once drips form around the inside lip, they are there for good (see step 6). I'm okay with this because anything handmade by me is going to be perfectly imperfect. Plus, I figure I'll fill them with flowers or put them so high up on a bookshelf that you'll never see the inside drippy lip. Ha! Problem solved. 

I wish they still made the Nissan Leaf in this fab color.
 6. Allow the vases to dry for a little bit (patience was never my strong suit so I don't know how long to tell you for this step), and smooth out drips with your brush. Continually take the paint that collects on the bottom and spread it around evenly. Return the glass container to the upside down position alternating 15 minutes upright, 15 minutes upside down. Do this two or three times. You can make a meatloaf while you wait. It's been done.

7. Choose a position either upright or upside down and allow your vase to dry overnight. If you have some drips in your lips (he he he), just move on. They are there for good. Not going anywhere. You can't get them out. Permanent.  Let's just say that mine don't have the prettiest lips.
Dang those drippy lips!

Note: I read on the product website that you need to wait 10 days for the enamel to cure before using it to hold liquid*. 

*Unless you want three-headed babies, I would seriously consider my fate before eating or drinking out of my glassware. I think this DIY project should be decorative only. Notice that the product endorsement doesn't say food safe?  I'm assuming you can put water in it to keep your cut flowers alive for a day or two, but I probably wouldn't mix up a Pina Colada in my new boldly-colored glassware.

Colors: Leaf Green and Ultra White

Here they are on my kitchen table. The ten day waiting period not yet up.

Got a great idea from Centsational Girl- branches!!

Hmmm, something's missing. Oh yeah, BUNNIES, of course!

Aren't these glass vases ADORABLE for Easter? 

Mixed in a little bit of Milk Glass.

The eggs were $1.00 at the Dollar General. The bunny and tray I already had. Entire arrangement including PermEnamel Paint was about $3.00!

Have you tried this technique or something similar? I'd love to hear how your project turned out! Please share with us in the comments. Happy Painting!

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