Friday, March 8, 2013

Here Comes the Sun!

My moodboard for the patio of my dreams.

Has all this winter weather made you dream of Spring? 

It's high time to turn those dreams into reality, starting with a patio make-over. Seriously, I know I'm kinda like a dog with a bone focused, but now really is the time to think Spring because retailers sure are!

My motto is buy now, think later. What I mean is get it while the gettin' is good. You can always take it back if you change your mind. Mainstream big box retailers like Target, Home Depot & Lowe's have been spending these last few wintry weeks rolling out brightly colored outdoor cushions, patio sets and umbrellas. And if you don't grab what you need for those upcoming warm weekends, you're going to miss out. Trust me on this one; my plan was to make over my patio LAST spring. This is why I have spent the last few weeks finishing the internet surfing the net to build my dream patio.

Here's what my patio looks like right now:
I have a pair of mourning doves nesting in the tiered planter! And that's my son's chin up bar; tasteful, I know. 
I'm in love with this fire table. We use it ALL the time. It was the inspiration for the makeover.The Slate stone top doesn't show dirt, is kid-proof (see the Nerf swords? My boys always carry some kind of weapon), and it's toasty warm on cool nights. What's not to love?

(view from the fire pit)
Yes, our patio takes up half the backyard. I don't know what I was thinking when they poured this concrete; I went way overboard on size. And by the way, that IS snow.

Yep! Grab some groceries and a few patio goodies. I think I saw smoke coming from my debit card at Sam's Club. I got the last six chairs at the end of February.

Dear Lord, please don't let these be as crappy as the reviews say they are.

I've ordered some traversing indoor/outdoor rods for our 33 ft overhang. They have them at World Market, Brookstone, Amazon and Home Depot. They got terrible reviews, but I remain hopeful that it was idiot-error in assembly that caused people to baulk at their awesomeness. Pricey, but they are aluminum and the clips are pvc, so NO rust. 

Now for the billowing white curtains that you see on other people's porches that are clearly better house keepers than me....... I mean really, white curtains? 
I've been eying these for years: Sunbrella Outdoor Curtains
Oh, and they are on sale. For a mere $105 per panel. Uh, let's see; I need 12.  $1260?? Let's regroup.

But alas; a discovery....... 

Do you know what outdoor curtains are made of? 

POLYESTER! Well, yeah, the really good ones are made of Sunbrella, but who can afford those? (Shout out to Eddie in Glen Raven: LOVE your products!) Do you know what else is made of POLYESTER? 

Ah, but another problem: Length. Since our porch is freakishly tall, I need super-long curtains. I had visions of a cool Dwell Studio pattern or something, but I ultimately decided I had better keep it simple. Our exterior trim is Ivory, so I ordered 12 banquet sized (60x126") ivory tablecloths from Amazon.  

I'll let you know if this seemingly brilliant idea works out. 

I found these chairs at Sam's for $24 each. You just can't beat the simplicity of wrought iron. And, if outdoor cafes can use them, they must be indestructible, right?

Sunbrella cushions from Home Decorator's (on clearance!) The colors are called Nutmeg (brings out the rust in the slate table) and Rustic Stripe. Last but not least, a Heather Beige Sunbrella umbrella from Sam's to keep the sun off. Seriously, have you tried Sunbrella? It does not fade, it drys quickly and it lasts forever.
Slate 51" round table (matches my fire pit) from Amazon.
You know how much I love you Amazon; why won't you advertise on my blog?

Image via pinterest
This is my inspiration for a bed/swing under the narrow part of the overhang.  
Unfortunately, Patrick is consumed with working on that peachy peach bathroom remodel (here) and hasn't had time to build my napping swing. The nerve! of putting paying clients first. 
I WILL splurge for a Sunbrella cushion for this baby. 
Nobody wants to take a nap on a wet mattress. Nobody.

So that's it. I have it all selected and ordered and the sun is finally out. Since I did not inherit a patience gene, it might kill me to have to wait to pull all of this together.  Some of the cushions are held up in Mexico. Mexico, Missouri that is; but will be here in the next week or two. I'll update with pictures and a grand tally on my next post. 

Tell us! What have you done to Spring Forward?

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