Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jewelry For The Kitchen

Mood Board Created for the client

Just wanted to share with you a project that we've just completed for a client. Her home is brand new, but lacked some of the special finishes that made it stand out from the others in the neighborhood. She had lovely dark cabinets and beautiful granite, but no backsplash.

BEFORE: How are you supposed to wipe spaghetti sauce off of this wallboard?

Love the light granite, but it needs some accessorizing!

We  brought over quite a few neutral tile choices thinking that she might be afraid to commit to color; but thankfully, we were wrong! Since there wasn't a lot of space to tile, she thought it would be best to completely go for the gusto.
On our mood board, you can see how we tied in the dark chocolate cabinets and the Kashmir granite with bordeaux flecks with a beautiful (and inexpensive) glass and stone tile from Home Depot.

Chris, one of our expert installers, working on a few final touches. Coming soon: More from Chris' own home. He's a licensed contractor and his wife, Kelly, has phenomenal taste.

Glass tile mosaic can be tricky to install. Consult an expert installer if you are thinking of trying this look.

Are you loving the punch of bordeaux? I'm trying to talk her into painting an accent wall this color in the adjoining living room.

I left this job to the guys, so they didn't style the counters the way I would have, but you get the idea: IT'S FUNCTIONAL, FABULOUS AND FRUGAL.

It's like jewelery for the kitchen, right? I love this look and we are so pleased that the client is happy!
More functional, fabulous, and frugal kitchens to come in future posts on Decor You Adore.

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