Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lipstick on a Pig: Working with what you have!

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Awww.... Come on, admit it. She's kinda cute all dolled up! Today our little piggy is dressed up for a party. A link up party with one of the blogs we adore,

Emily has been doing a series about working with what you have...and we're loving it!! You know why? The decorating divas at Decor You Adore know a thing or two about working with what you have.

A few months ago we wrote about using a piece of furniture that was less than ideal but will do in a pinch!
This is what I want! But, I'm short $1599!!

This is what I have!

We also wrote about making a hallway into a makeshift mudroom. And, there's even a shout-out to Emily in that post too!

So, head on over to see our pal Emily and check out all the great blogger ideas she's got coming to her link party!
Be sure to leave a comment for her that sent you!

And, leave us a comment on what YOU are "working with"!

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