Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to display your child's art

When I moved into my current house and had a stainless steel refrigerator, I had to get creative about displaying my most prized art collection. We added a chalkboard (for fun) and a magnetic board for displaying good grades, fine art, invitations, birth announcements, etc. 

Here are some more out of the box (read: off the fridge) ideas:

How cute are these pillows??

This is a great idea...scanning many pictures and putting them in one framed collage!

Or, framing each picture and doing a gallery wall.


These work well if you're changing the art frequently-



These ideas can work in any space you find appropriate in your home. My hubby likes to have children's art around his home office to enjoy during especially boring conference calls. One of the blogs we adore, emily clark has several articles about displaying her children's masterpieces.

And, if you don't have children and are longing for some of this fine art, call your niece or nephew for some of their best work.

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  1. These are all really cute ideas.

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