Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lighten Up! How to brighten your interior!

Hey Kids look! It's a brown couch, chair & ottoman, GIANT ottoman, brown accessories, a couple of brown lamps, a brown mirror, some brown sconces, pillows and a blanket--yippee!!!!!

Quick! Turn on all the lights on so it won't be a BROWN OUT!
So, 5 years ago when we moved in our current house, I changed my interior colors from the jewel tones of the early 2000's to the spa blue/green and chocolate of the later part of the decade. So here I am with a house full of BROWN. I have a brown couch, brown window treatments, a giant chocolate ottoman, a boatload of cherry wood furniture and it's BROWN, BROWN, BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously, I'm over it. This is a bit of a problem because we have our home on the market and my husband will lynch me if I start making major home decor purchases. What's an obsessive energetic, focused girl to do? Since I want to stay married, I won't be painting or buying a couch. But, I've been infusing a bit of teal and reflective mercury glass into my abode. It matches my current decor, it's not too expensive and I can use it in my next home. Fabulous-check. Frugal-check. Functional-check.

Two candleholders & a vase! Even though the vase has some brown in it, it's a bit more coppery (read: reflective).
Now, I KNOW Jacki is suffering from the same affliction (it may have been mentioned once or twice!)--- and apparently we aren't the only ones. One of our fave bloggers, Centsational Girl had a brown out in her home office and gave it a fresh, new look a while back--check it out!

We love hearing from you...Tell us, what are you "over" at your house? And, what are you going to do about it?

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