Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nature Trend: Answering the call of the wild

If you're anything like me, you love cute, cuddly animals...when they're cast in cement. I have to admit I love nature...from the comfort of my living room mainly. Seriously though, the great outdoors is definitely a miraculous wonder to behold. And many of you may ACTUALLY be answering the call of the wild. As for me, I unleash my inner beast in more subtle ways: my inner animal and my new bestie.

Apparently, I'm right on trend. Check out what we've seen out and about lately:

Raccoon: Homegoods



White deer mount: Antropologie

Antropologie: Bling Squirrel vases-LOVE!!

Ravensburg Vintage Metal Canisters: Ebay--'Shrooms anyone?

Owl Wallpaper-Who's there?: Antropologie

Old school owl Macrame! OK, maybe not!

Yes Please!!
Concrete bunny bench: Wayfair

Mercury glass acorn
How are you infusing a little nature in your adorable decor?

Join us as we hook up with House of Hepworths today!

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