Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Top 5 Budget Friendly Ways to Make Your Guest Feel Welcome!

Catherine's guest room (ignore the naked windows-it's shameful I know!)
Adorable fans, will you please excuse our absence lately? It has been a crazy, busy couple of weeks with multiple Spring breaks and we have been lax in posting...I hope you'll forgive us...we'll try harder, promise!

During our travels, I've been thinking about how to be a hostess with the mostess. I'm fortunate enough to have a dedicated guest room and that makes my job a lot easier when an impromptu visit turns into an overnight stay! I simply make sure I tidy up after the last guest leaves so I don't have to run around like a crazy woman. However, a guest room is not required to give your friends and family a VIP experience.  Here are the decorating divas top 5 tips to welcome overnight guests without breaking the bank:


Even if you don't have a guest room...make a spot.
  • When I was a kid, we got the boot when company came for the night. Consider having a larger bed for your child so you can kick them out when you need the space! And, for heaven's sake...pick up the Legos and the Barbies. Those things can do some serious damage to your feet during a 3am potty break!
  • Other options include having a convertible piece of furniture or a pop-up bed/mattress. For instance, if you are using a spare bedroom for an office we suggest having a chair-and-a- half or love seat that converts to a sleeper. If you don't have room for that, a blow-up mattress on a frame is a nice, space-saving option. It gives your guest their own area yet doesn't require underused rooms (like mine!). 
There is one caveat---if you work at home and plan to be in the office at 7am, that could get awkward with your brother-in-law in his boxers--plan accordingly!


I told you all about my comfy covers in the master bedroom. That makes a little more sense. You sleep there every night, you can justify the investment. What about a rarely used pop-up mattress?
  • You don't have to buy $100 sheets but they do need to match. Don't take a Hello Kitty top sheet and put it with some Transformers pillowcases...even if they're 500 thread-count...seriously...don't do it. Get a decent pair of matching sheets in a neutral color.
  • If you don't have a guest room, you may want to consider going with a thicker blanket over a comforter. You might even need two for those chilly nights. A blanket (or 2) will be easier to store than a comforter--especially if you're short on storage. You can even experiment with a new color scheme since you won't feel obligated to hang on to less expensive blankets long term. 
The key to bedding is to make the space inviting. It doesn't have to be expensive, just thoughtful.


Grab some fresh flowers from your yard (or your neighbor's). If you don't have flowers or are concerned about your neighbor's trigger finger, you can get some flowers at the grocery store for a few bucks. Of course, you already have a vase--you know it, I know it. The effort and expense are minimal, the impact is huge! Everyone loves flowers!

Note: If it's just the brother-in-law I mentioned earlier, skip this step. That would be awkward.



Whether your guest has to take medication or just needs a sip before bed, a bottle of water is always appreciated.


Make sure your guest knows where fresh towels are. It's also a good idea to keep some extra toiletries on hand. Nobody wants to hang out with someone that forgot their toothbrush...nobody.

  • An easy (and inexpensive) way to stock up on these travel essentials is to bring them home from your next hotel stay. My husband travels a lot and is a hotel toiletry hoarder so my guests are all set. Thanks babe!
  • Keep a small basket or box with these essentials at the ready. You can throw it in the closet if you don't want it to sit out when you don't have guests. 
I hope these tips came in handy! Trust me when I tell you that your peeps will be impressed with your hospitality and they WILL feel like an honored guest. If all five suggestions are overwhelming, start with the bottle of water and work your way up...you can totally do that.

Tell us, what do you do to welcome guests for an overnight stay?

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