Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hanging the TV over the fireplace: To be or not to be?

To hang or not to hang...that is THE question for many.

I hate to start the day off with SUCH a controversial subject. Of course a fireplace should be the focal point of a room but can the TV share the spotlight? It sure is convenient because you can see the TV from every angle in the room. But, does it invite more TV watching and less personal interaction? Hmmm....

It should ABSOLUTELY NOT be a tangle of visible cords and components. Here's Jacki's keeping room off the kitchen, a beautiful example of getting it right:

This living room is a perfect candidate for an over-the-fireplace TV placement. It can be a less expensive option than updating your TV cabinet.

TV's over fireplace done RIGHT:


And there are many ways to conceal the TV:

Here's one of our client's family room. Where IS she going to put the tv? We're thinking over the fireplace is the frontrunner! We'll keep you posted!

Tell us, what do you think of hanging the TV over the fireplace? Does it emphasize TV watching too much?

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  1. i think it's the perfect spot for it, we just did that in our basement reno. i find it too conflicting if they are separate, like, where are you supposed to look. also, when off, it's two dark black spaces taking up space instead of sharing it together. that's my opinion, anyway!

  2. I like televisions over fireplaces, but when they are up very high it's like watching a movie at the movie theater from the front row. You have to tip your head back and it gets tiring. If the mantle is too high, the television should not go above it.


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