Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Let's Play! A SWOON worthy play room.

WE ARE SO EXCITED!  Jacki and I are headed to IKEA (sans kiddos-which is something to be excited about in itself) because we have the opportunity to decorate a craft-lovin', little girl's play room. I'm having to keep a close eye on Jacki because that is her dream child and I'm worried she may try to flee the country with her. I suspect that would be really bad for business!

Our client(s), mom and daughter, want something that can be used by the whole family. Some of their requests are:
  • a place for arts and crafts
  • a place to display masterpieces
  • a dress-up area
  • a place for family movie night
  • additional room for overflow, overnight guests
This is the current playroom:

They are moving the play room to a different room in the house--upstairs (read: trying not to have a Toys R Us downstairs). Luckily, it's a LARGE room and was being used for a guest room and office. 

Here's the before:

You can see from our mood board up top that our vision for this room is bright and cheery! And, we will address the wishlist to make this room fully function for everyone, especially Jacki's little BFF.

We're just getting started so you will have to stay tuned for the finished project. Here's a peak at the room's closet and our vision for the dress-up area that will be hosted in there:


Not to mention wall decals and of course, PILLOWS!

OK, seriously, you're as excited as we are... I know it. Thanks for stopping by and come again soon!

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