Friday, May 3, 2013

Under the stairs and dreaming!


Hey there and TGIF! This is one mama that is ready for the weekend! In an effort to prep for max relaxing, I searched the web to find some great spaces to chill out under the stairs. And some awesome space-saving storage ideas too!

Without further ado:

Isn't this clever? Many of us use the closet under the stairs for storage, but very few do so THIS stylishly!


Seriously? You could host a party in this space under the stairs:

pinterest via House Beautiful

and, a less intricate yet similar design:


OMG!!! To die for....

Along the same lines as the last one..but SOOOO thoughtfully awesome!
In a bit of exciting news, we were featured on Anything Blue Friday for last week's post about DIY custom window treatments. Thanks Kathryn for the shout-out. You guys head on over her way if you're feeling BLUE today! And have a GREAT weekend!

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