Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Second Chance to Shine

Sometimes Patrick stops at the Habitat Reuse Center on his lunch hour and occasionally, he scores some kind of awesome find. This time, he brought home this enormous iron carriage light that he thought was going to hang over the kitchen table. (That's why I'm the designer and he's the installer :)

Um, yeah, did you see the size of this thing? For $65, it might be worth more than that in scrap metal. Seriously.

Wrong shape for over the table, but I DID have an idea of where we could hang it.... the STAIRWELL!

See these cheetah chairs? Yep, a Habitat find! $65. That seems to be a fabulous, functional, FRUGAL theme.

The stairwell seemed to be the perfect place for the iron giant.

I think it looks awesome, don't you?

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