Saturday, June 29, 2013

Geometric Patterns: A fabulous trend AND a Homegoods giveaway

Today we're celebrating our 100th post with a Homegoods picture frame giveaway! First of all, thank you. Thank you for following us and reading our crazy posts and commenting and encouraging us! We REALLY appreciate it and are enjoying all our friends, old and new!

We thought we'd mark this milestone by celebrating one of 2013's hottest home decor trends--geometric patterns. 

In all of our mad home decor shopping, we were at Homegoods this week and couldn't help but notice that geometric patterns were every way we turned! 

Look at this fab interlocking chainlink chair! 

At $249, that's a steal.

There were towels, 

and a ton of sheets!

Country Living even has this DIY tutorial  for dressing up a plain, round mirror! 

Phillip Jefferies Chain Wallpaper...if you're brave enough!

And, it comes in NAVY!!

If you're loving the chainlink but can't commit to wallpaper, try a stencil like this one.

Today we're linking up with Liz Marie, a fellow North Carolinian and super-DIYer. Swing on over and check out all the goodies from across the blogosphere.

Liz Marie Blog

Last but not least, here's how to enter our giveaway for the cool HomeGoods frame:

We're trying out a new way to enter our contest. We're *hoping* it's super easy; you'll have to let us know! There are multiple ways to enter so get clicking! The contest closes at midnight, July 3. 


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