Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm bringing Navy back! I think!

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As I mentioned...we sold our house. We closed last week and the day before we closed, we bought another house.'s not finished until August. So, we're crashing at my parent's lake house. Really, life is sooo hard! While this isn't THE dream house it is a pretty fine place to rest our heads for sure. It's really cool that we bought at the perfect stage of construction for me to get to make some selections for the home. And when I say cool, I totally mean only for me--not the builder, bless his heart!

The home is nestled in some trees so it is pretty shady inside. The one room that has enough light to balance a dark paint choice is the office. It is CALLED the dining room, but I won't be not-ever-using-it-yet-obsessing-over-decorating-it-as-a-dining-room. It will be an office space for me and also a place for the kiddos to do homework. As the first room you see when you come in the front door, it needs to be great!

Navy is a classic, go-to color that is sophisticated and svelte. I love it. But, I'm kinda skeered! I've been scouring the internet for courage inspiration. It is one of the hot color trends in home decor for Fall 2013.

I've been WEARING navy for years. As my friends will's a staple of my closet.  Can I infuse it in my decor?

There are all sorts of navy inspired rooms on the internet and pinterest.

We even found navy cabinets:

Of course there are many nautical inspired pieces in navy home decor.

Beautiful light!

Now this is cozy!

I'm digging the navy floor & door!

There will be navy accents throughout the rest of the home so it definitely could work...if I am brave enough. Jacki is really pressuring me encouraging me to paint that room navy. She is a paint picking genius so stay tuned! Not sure what paint color I'll go with in there but I think I found a desk for the room--on craigslist of course!

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  1. I, too, love navy and have worn it for years....BUT I cannot live with dark colors in my house. I MUST have as much light as possible. Whenever I visit show houses or friends' houses decorated in jewel tones or English hunt tones, I so love looking at them, but cannot live with that. Something along the lines of light depravation.... Good thing I live in Texas with bright blue sunny skies in a house with so many windows I have a hard time placing furniture.

    I am your latest follower and am looking forward to seeing what you do with your new house.


    1. oops...deprivation, not depravation...well, I could be depraved also. :)

    2. Hi Judith! Thanks for leaving us a comment. Check back this week, I will be dishing some more deets on the floor plan and my plans! So glad you joined us!


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