Monday, July 8, 2013

An Amazing Transformation: Interior Redesign

Love your things, but just can't find a way to make them all work together? An interior redesign may be just what you need! One of our design services, an interior redesign, works with your existing furnishings and accessories, but we place them in a way that is right for your room.

Last week we got to play around in this wonderful, light filled, sun room. Using the client's own furniture and accessories, we were able to make the room realize its full potential.  It just needed a little rearranging and some finesse in accessorizing.

The owner hasn't lived in the home too long. When they moved, she just wanted to get the pieces IN the house and then became overwhelmed with furniture arrangement and decorating an ENTIRE house so she left it.

While this isn't the best "before" pic, you get the idea. The furniture was along the walls and its position didn't invite folks to sit and stay for a glass of tea (notice I said glass, not cup--it's the south people!)

Before the moving and shaking commenced, there were several guidelines we were asked to remember:

  • the main furniture pieces had to stay
  • many of the accessories had sentimental value 
  • the homeowners wanted clear, open walkways
  • the homeowner's hubby enjoys sitting in the room with his morning coffee and seeing their beautiful backyard (if there's one thing every woman knows about decorating, its to keep the man of the house happy!)
This was a great project because we weren't starting from scratch, we were using what the homeowner already had and rearranging it in a fun, fresh layout. It never ceases to amaze me what a difference a fresh perspective can have on a space.

We began by clearing the room. This was helpful because our visual field wasn't cluttered by what WAS in the space and gave us a bit of a clean slate to get started.

The chest pictured below was sitting to the left of the end table. That meant it was the first thing you came to when you walked in the space. Therefore it blocked your initial view of the room and the yard. So we relocated it to the other end of the sofa.

Originally, it had some books and other memorabilia in it. 

Here's what it looked like after we moved it and filled it again!

Our client had an amazing collection of hobnail glass. Some pieces belonged to her mother and others held special meaning as gifts or mementos from travels. With a piece here and there throughout her home, they were beautiful but together they are simply stunning!

At one point we discussed painting the inside of the cabinet but we decided that wasn't necessary since these brilliant, blue pieces made the cabinet come to life!

While we used the items that were in the room for most of our makeover, we did do a little shopping too. 

The pictures over the sofa were too small for the long wall with 10 foot ceilings:

We found this great peacock print at HomeGoods and paired it with a wrought iron piece the client already owned. 

Now the whole vignette flows nicely. We selected a rug for the homeowner to purchase to tie it all together. 

We also found this terrarium at HomeGoods and knew it would be perfect for a sunny spot brimming with plants!

The love seat is angled toward the larger sofa to encourage conversation. When you enter this room, you know you're there for a visit! Note the walkway. We even measured to make sure you weren't squeezing through between the love seat and coffee table. The path is wider than the doorway so we were feeling pretty good about it!

In addition to the peacock print, we added some powder blue pillows to bring out the blue in the cushion's floral print. We only had two pillows (four would've been nice but hey! It's HomeGoods, you get what you get and you make it work!) and a throw.

Since the hubby of the home sits in this spot, we made sure the view was spectacular AND he had a place to sit his tasty beverage!

May I hold your drink sir? Ribbit! Ribbit!

After we finished rearranging her things and adding two pillows, a throw and a drink serving frog, we brought in the homeowner. She adores the space and so do we!

If you need a fresh perspective at your place, give us a call! We'd love to help you adore your space too!

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