Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Playroom Update: Lighting

We brought you this crazy, awesome playroom design last month. We were so excited to design the room and absolutely thrilled about Mommy and daughter's reactions to the new space. We also discovered our secret love--chartreuse

No matter how carefully you plan, there are some things that just seem perfect on (graph) paper and don't cut it in real life. This Maskros light was one of those instances. 

Because the room was so large, we just knew that the 32" Maskros light was the ticket. However, once we got in the space with the giant orb, we knew it was too big. Thankfully, there was a 22" version of this lighting phenomenon. The takeaway is this: a) save your receipts and b) if you're buying from thrift stores or craigslist, measure twice!

So, we headed back to Ikea and swapped it out. I think it works a lot better when you don't have to side step the light fixture to get from one half of the room to the other.

Clearly, the adorable, art section is being put to good (read: frequent) use!

I think the addition of the light fixture makes the room even more adorable!

On a TOTALLY unrelated side note: I love their dog!
Heidi, the giant schnauzer!

Check out the size of those paws! The "paw" on the left is Patrick's and he's 6'3".

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