Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pottery Barn Kids Dream Rocker makeover

A few days ago I blogged about my sweet, tween room and showed you the latest version of what used to be the Pottery Barn Kids dream rocker.

Jacki tells me I have an unnatural attachment to this chair and honestly I cannot disagree. Since we both buy and sell almost every week on Craigslist, you may have noticed I'm not all that sentimental about "stuff". Buy it, use it, sell it, whatever. 

It really isn't my usual behavior to hang on to something like this. At this point, my feelings could best be characterized as a long term relationship since there is not one other piece of furniture in my house that I've had that long. 

When I was about 5 weeks pregnant (not a joke), I had my nursery all picked out. Portraits would be made of my baby and me in this super fab rocking chair. Reality: there were more bodily fluids lost on that chair than I can even list--mine and hers--eww! Thank goodness in the fog of being a new mom I had the good sense to buy something with a slipcover (read: Jacki probably told me to do it since she had already popped out three little monkeys by the time I had my first!)

It originally started like this:

This isn't it exactly but this one is very similar.

Yes, I was reading to a 5 month old who was way more interested in the flash on her dad's camera.
There were many sleepless nights spent rocking a reluctant (yet oh so sweet) sleeper. And, honestly it was a bit deep and not super easy to rock (especially after a c-section?) but it sure did look cute.

In our next house, it went in the playroom.

I remember taking this pic because I think it was the first time she fell asleep spontaneously.
Yes, you are correct, she was about 3. 

OK, you may have gathered that we are serial movers. 

In our next house, the rocker got a makeover but kept its place in the playroom. 

Check out that Daddy and his lil' cubs! Rawr!

A little funky but I like it, don't you? And, that pattern sure did hide a lot of kid action!

Now it is on its fourth round at our house. We ditched the rockers and added turned legs since we're fresh outta babies to rock. I love the clean white twill. Our daughter is pretty tidy and the kids don't eat in their rooms so it has a fighting chance at staying white. And, let us not forget, it is a slipcover so it can be washed!

If you're looking for a great custom slipcover seamstress, look no further. We found your gal. Check her out here. Tell her Decor You Adore sent ya!

Happy Hump Day! Make it adorable!


  1. Wow! What a life your dream rocker has had! Did you make all those slipcovers yourself? Our started out yellow, now it's in my son's room and it's blue & white stripes.... he's two, so I anticipate it needing to move out in the next year or so as we get him a big boy bed.... great to know the rockers can come off. I never thought to do that. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hey Jen- Just talked to the seamstress of the year today and she is churning out those slipcovers left and right! Check out her etsy shop. She has the pattern so all you do is send her fabric and your dream rocker can have 9 lives too!

  2. I am so with you on the unnatural attachment to this chair! I have one and have considered selling it as my kids are getting older. It migrated from my daughter's room to my son's room to my husband and my room. I just moved it out to our guest room as we just don't have room and thought I should really just list this on craigslist. In searching for what I should price it at, I came across this blog post - love the recommendation to a seamstress as our slip cover has seen the years. But now I don't want to sell it again! Ha! So I still might keep it but would love an idea of what I should list it at if I do end up selling. Such a fabulous chair!

    1. Don't sell it! Recover it! It is a great piece of furniture and you could rock your grandchildren in it someday! Thanks for the comment! I hope you will visit again!

  3. How did you add the legs on the chair? I have the same exact one in yellow. I just ordered bun feet with screws to match the feet on the ottoman. Please tell me it was easy!

    1. I’m dying to know this also. Would love to convert mine. Help!

  4. Hi Catherine, are your rocker legs for sale? I'd love to buy them if they are available!

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