Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Flea Market FIND! A DIY Collection lamp; must drink more wine!

Today I'm sharing a project I've been working on diligently for two years.
wine cork demijohn lamp

Some smart person took a vintage demi-john wine jug and turned it into a lamp. I loved the color and the size of it from the second I saw it. It's gigantic: about 2 1/2 feet tall with the shade.
This is what it looked like when I found it.
 I enjoy crocheting from time to time, but I wouldn't say I'm a yarn-lover by any means. And you know I could never leave that pink yarn in there. I don't know why, but I've never liked pink.

 I never intended to use it as I found it with the balls of yarn, but I could see how someone could pull that off. Wine corks actually were not my first thought either. I thought about pinecones, or possibly shells, although that brings back visions of those 1980's fillable lamps. 
This can still be done tastefully.

This one by Homeroad is really cute.

Thinking ahead to Christmas decorating, ornaments might be cute. 

But alas, my love of wine corks won out and I became a serious collector.

I drank and I drank and I drank. No, just kidding, I didn't drink all that wine! My friends all helped me with my design "problem"! What are friends for after all?

This is what it looked like after three months of serious dedication. Good grief! Must. Drink. More!

And after two years of leaving it at the beach house for others to assist, it's almost full. I'm so proud. 

 What do you think? Isn't it glorious in it's unique-ness? I'm in love (and not because I've been drinking).


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