Saturday, October 12, 2013

Slipcovers & Coffee Sacks? Yep-- a winning combination

Burlap as upholstery?  
Uh, yea-uh! Okay, so I don't want to snuggle down on a burlap sofa, but what about something you put your FEET on? Ottoman cubes slipcovered in burlap sacks are just the thing to give you that touch of burlap without the itch.

Burlap Slipcovered Ottoman cubes, coffee bag slipcovers

For our ten-year wedding anniversary, we vacationed in Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

We toured a coffee plantation and I fell in love with the old, printed, burlap sacks they use to transport the beans.

coffee burlap sacks, coffee bags

A couple of years later Shawna owner of "Happy Chair" had some gems in her booth at the Metrolina Expo Antiques Extravaganza in Charlotte, NC. Of course, her brilliant, creative mind thought to put burlap on the back of her chairs (No scratchy itchy burlap on the parts you touch). 

slipcovered ottoman cubes made with burlap coffee sacks

Fast forward a few years and those burlap coffee sacks were still in the back of my mind. This is pretty incredible considering how quickly I tire of things. 

These cute ottoman cubes were a light and bright addition to my keeping room (IDK why they call it this; what are we "keeping" in there?). For a cozy fall and winter look, I thought they'd look great slipcovered.

And then, the Ah-Ha moment! A way to incorporate some texture into the room to compliment the stone fireplace and use the coffee sacks that have been stored in my closet for six years. 

Ballard Designs was teasing me with their burlap pillows, burlap ribbon, and burlap Christmas stockings.  So much, that I created a Pinterest Board just for BURLAP. Follow it, it's fun!

I measured my cubes and sent the sacks off to Anna the slipcover Guru. Check out her website and order some custom-genius!

When I picked up the slipcovers, Georgia wasn't a huge fan of the smell. She insisted on thoroughly rubbing her entire body all over them until they smelled like dog. 

There we go. Doggy-licious. 

A note about Georgia: We don't know WHAT breed she is. If you have any guesses, we'd love to hear them. She's a pound puppy from the Orange County (NC) animal shelter. 

And apparently, she likes to be photographed!

slipcover ottoman with burlap

I love the way you can separate the cubes to use individually, or group them together in one big square. 

These little boogers are just SO versatile. 

I found some more inspirational upholstered cubes around the web. Have you done anything with burlap or grain sacks? We'd love to see!

If you are crazy about Happy Chairs and Shawna's mad skills, check out the Pintrest Board I created here! And don't forget to FOLLOW ALL of Decor You Adore's Pin boards for thousands of pins that will inspire and amaze!

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  1. I love grain sacks! These turned out adorable. :)

  2. Thanks Charlene! You made my day!

  3. How cute! I like the way the cubes look. Found you over at the Dedicated House Make it Pretty Monday party.

  4. Thanks for the shout out and link!! Just heard from a new customer opening a restaurant in Manilla!! So fun!


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