Friday, November 15, 2013

12 Best Bunkbed Designs- how to pack 'em in stylishly!


Today, I'm pondering whether or not my boys could share a room. They share when we go to the beach, but aren't particularly happy about it. 

white bookshelf bunkbeds with trundle
Holy Moly I've moved these bunk beds around more times than I can count. The room is Teeny-Tiny but we needed to pack in as many kids as possible. Because the room is so small, I ultimately decided to forgo the trundle.
 When I had them in the center of the room, they really cut off the space. Plus the floors are so uneven, when you slept in the trundle, you ended up rolling back under the bottom bunk. 

Still, it's an improvement over what they looked like when we bought the house.

If I'm dreaming big, I would love to do some custom beds in the cottage where everyone could have their own space.


This is one of my favorites because of the nautical-inspired details.


The railing on these bunks is spectacular.


Netting! What an ingenious idea!

Another smart use of limited space-check out the drawers in these steps!

Talk about rustic luxe...


Catherine- did you see these? I know you love some navy and gold!

I love the green, don't you?

Judging from all the nautical-inspired decor, it seems people are really looking for ways to maximize sleeping quarters at their beach cottages! A great idea since you spend so little time indoors when visiting the beach.

Lastly, check out this precious, girly set up! It even has a porthole for late night conversations! Adorable and so open and airy!


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