Friday, November 1, 2013

Decorating for the Holidays without the Holi-DAZE

I'm sure you're in a candy coma like the rest of us. OBVIOUSLY we love our children too much to rot their teeth with all those sweets. So, we do what a good parent does, cull that candy bucket a bit...mainly the chocolate and the skittles...if you know what I mean.

If you followed the lazy girl's guide to fall decorating, you're not ripping down too many spider webs or shelving bats today. You're taking down your three Halloween decorations and leaving most of your fall decor in tact to take you through Thanksgiving. 

BONUS: Since you're not disturbing the decor, you can avoid dusting the bookshelves and your buffet for another few weeks!

However, it IS time to start thinking about Christmas. Of course I've been swooning over Christmas stuff for awhile now because I'm clearly a retail sucker careful planner. I may or may not have already purchased this craZy awesome pillow from Pottery Barn.

Besides being a beautiful season of friends, family and sweet celebration, I LOVE how the house feels with all the decorations you've collected through the years. And, the centerpiece to all this fabulosity is the Christmas tree. That is unless you have absolutely no idea how to decorate it and end up breaking stuff and saying bad words instead of humming Jingle Bells and drinking egg nog. 

Good news: this year, there's help. Professional help, that is. I never knew how awesome my tree could look until Jacki helped me take it up a notch (or three!). 

Check out some of our handiwork from year's past:

And more Christmas aWeSoMe!!

Jacki and I both went nuts for chocolate brown decor so we didn't want our Christmas tree to completely clash with the surrounding interiors. I love the old world feel of the coppers and golds!

The good news is that the red and green rules of yesteryear are history! Anything goes! 

Is your living room fuchsia? Make your tree work with it! Some metallics mingled with pink ribbon would make anyone's holiday HAPPY!

For nature lovers, there are animal prints and natural fiber ribbons like jute and burlap that can be interspersed for a more rustic feel.

Really, the possibilities are endless!

In addition to trees, we can do:



This garland started as a pre-lit, plain garland and a sppol of ribbon and a few ornaments--presto, change-o and voila!

If you're in the Raleigh/Cary/Apex area and want some amazing, yet affordable holiday decorating, contact us today! We're taking orders for custom wreaths and garlands now and starting to book in-home holiday decorating appointments. Hurry, there are only two of us so space is limited! After-all, we have to decorate our houses too! 

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