Friday, November 8, 2013

New Home Exterior Palette: the prettiest silvery-blue-gray

There is nothing more exciting (or nerve-wracking) than building a house from the ground up. Choosing every tiny detail can be FUN if you are a psychopath like me OR, it can be exhausting if your day job is working with a bunch of techies in an IT department. 

When your expertise is in the language of Java Script, the best thing to do is hire a professional.

SW Samovar Silver, SW Foggy Day, Exterior Paint color

Thankfully, our clients did just that. As we started the project, one of the earlier decisions regarded outdoor finishes and facades. While a color may look good on a paint chip, you are probably going to need the help of a pro to help you nail down exterior paint colors...the first time that is. 

We all have one of these in our town, if not our own neighborhood. Right? The blazing neon blue or bright pink house? I rest my case on the importance of choosing the right paint color. 

We started by having the client fill out a short, design questionnaire.  I discovered they are drawn to the soothing, cool, gray-blue tones.

I immediately thought of Catherine's new home and her Mudroom color. SW Samovar Silver. It changes as the light hits it from a dusty blue to a silvery blue gray. Perfect!

A quick Google search turned up some lovely images of Samovar Silver. This was my favorite:

The home builder only uses Sherwin Williams paints-- which is great paint!

Clatter, whisk, whirrrrr... that's the sound of me flipping through my handy-dandy paint deck.

Their paint palette:
sw samovar silver, sw snowbound, sw rock bottom, sw foggy day

SW Samovar Silver exterior color
SW Sea Serpent front door color
SW Snowbound trim
SW Rock bottom shutter color

Here's what happened when the palette came to life:

The house is very vertical. To ground the stone and make the silver seamlessly blend with the exterior, we added SW Foggy Day on peak as an accent. The batten boards remained the trim color for a little pop! I can't wait to see it with the shutters.

SW Foggy Day makes the perfect accent color on the peak of the house.

Exterior color: SW Foggy Day

SW Foggy Day exterior paint color

I think it translated well to exterior paint, don't you? Stay tuned to see how beautifully our interior paint choices turn out!


  1. We are painting our house the samrsame colors!!!! Gorgeous!

  2. Do you have any photos of the finished house? I LOVE this color palette and I would love to see the shutters!

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