Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of the Blog...2013 edition

As we come to the end of our first year blogging, we look back ever-so-fondly on some of our favorite projects. 

Bwahahaha! Who am I kidding? Everyone else is doing it and we're new to the game so we figured we would jump on the Best of Bandwagon!

We'll start with our three most popular posts and then move on to our personal faves...

Third most popular...

Ikea Vittsjo Shelf Hack

ikea vittsjo, diy, shelf style

And seriously, why not? Everyone digs a good Ikea hack job.

Our second most popular article was: 

Bunkbed Designs: How to Pack 'Em In With Style

end of year, home decor, interior design trends, new year, popular post,

Don't ask us, we can't explain this one. Apparently people are downsizing their spaces but still want to amp up their style? Whatever the reason, we're happy y'all are here.

And... our most popular post of 2013: 

Tips to Sell your Home Fast

end of year, home decor, interior design trends, new year, popular post,

With many struggling real estate markets in the United States, it's no wonder people are turning to the experts for some free advice on getting the S-O-L-D on top of the For Sale sign in their front yard. 

Now, for our our favorite post/project:

Ruby's Playroom

end of year, home decor, interior design trends, new year, popular post,

Come on! You kinda had to know we were gonna pick this one. A super cool hangout for a little girl & her mom--what's not to love?

Here's our favorite switcheroo--an Interior ReDesign to Adore!

end of year, home decor, interior design trends, new year, popular post,

And, last but not least...the funniest post. I'm still laughing about Jacki's Craigslist Adventure.

end of year, home decor, interior design trends, new year, popular post,

If you haven't read it, you should. It will be the best five minutes of your day.

I hope you enjoyed this quick scoot down Memory Lane. And seriously, thanks for reading and supporting our little blogging adventure. We really appreciate it and look forward to bringing you some more great stuff that we dream up in 2014!

Have a Happy New Year filled with good health, prosperity and Decor You Adore!

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Making the list and checking it twice--last minute gift ideas!

If your tree doesn't look like this and you're scrambling for a gift for the last minute house guest or something for your hostess, we've done the legwork for you. Retire the bottle of wine and stinky candle and get something they might really enjoy. 

Here are a few of our favorite things:

You know we love a monogram. And, it makes a more personalized gift of course. 

At $6.99 on sale at Pottery Barn, get one for yourself while you're there. 

Mercury votive holder with initial
What about a cute towel for the powder bath? Places like Marshall's and TJ Maxx are full of them. And at $5-10, it's a gift that won't break the bank!

A pretty coffee table book is always appreciated:

When buying, try to keep in mind recipient's interests or something highlighting your local area. Thoughtful gifts are the best!

Who doesn't love some tasty chocolates?

Remember to shop local if you can!

What about a cute 2014 calendar?

Bonus: They may even be able to frame the pics and make a gallery wall.

If you know the recipient well, pick up some specialty coffee or tea according to their taste.

Last but not least...a pretty picture frame is always useful. Target, TJ Maxx, Pottery Barn or your local boutique can hook you right up!

Pottery Barn
I hope this helps you get those last minute gifts crossed off your list. 

From our families to yours, Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

More Merry for your Christmas--and decorating our first live tree!


As promised last week, here's more of one of the homes we decorated for Christmas. Our client is a hard-working mom that entertains throughout the holidays and wanted to add a little more Merry to her Christmas. We were more than happy to oblige!

In typical Decor You Adore style, we evaluated her current decorations, used those and added a few extra baubles, ribbons and bows to make it all fabulously festive! 

This was our first time decorating a live Christmas tree and it was an experience! For starters, we were stunned by how perfect the tree is. No fluffing needed here! And the smell...you just can't beat the smell of a real tree...in your living room!

Before it all went down...but still pretty impressive!
The homeowner gave us a key and told us to make some magic. Since her style is traditional and her year-round colors are jewel tones, we used that as a starting point. 

While the tree is the show stopper, we'll start with the guest's eye view of these swanky digs:

As you open the front door this beauty greets you in the two story foyer. 


A formal living room is to your right as you enter the front door. While its year-round decor is "in-progress", we added a few touches for Christmas. 


Catherine's Note: the homeowner is still looking for accent tables but we needed a home for this Christmas tree. Jacki was pillaging the kids rooms for a side table but I caught her in the nick of time and we used a TV tray we found in the basement instead. If we come to your house and need a prop, no room is off limits for Jacki. If she "needs" it, the Barbie dream house may be flipped on its side and used for staging. I can only do so much. 

We added this little tree for a simple, vertical element.

I love this Santa scene on the coffee table. Note the height we created with a few candlesticks from another room. For the record, that was Catherine's idea. She "borrows" from other rooms as well. 


As you continue to the main area of the first floor, you pass the staircase. Since the railing area was small, we simply added a bough adorned with a bow and ornaments on each side.


Now, what you've all been waiting for.... the piece de resistance... Yes, the Mac Daddy...

O' Christmas Tree:


Here's how things got started:

A bow up top next to the angel topper. Yes, you can have a topper and a bow! It looks awesome...and dimensional! 

Side note: this was my 847th bow this season. Not really, but it sure does feel like it. 

Doesn't this burgundy brocade ribbon from Michael's look amazing??
Add some ribbon and mesh:

Weaving the mesh and ribbon in and out. Then picks, picks and more picks. Seriously, live trees eat picks. 

For a little more merriment, we added this wreath to the stone fireplace. How did we affix it you ask? A nail stuck in a mortar space between rocks. Yes, that is sketchy. Keep your fingers crossed.

All ready for Christmas morning! That is, minus the Barbie Dream House.


I hope you enjoy! Our clients sure have! 
Merry Christmas! Stay tuned for some big changes to our blog in the new year.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Crazy for Plaid: Tartan!

There’s nothing quite as cozy or welcoming as a touch of plaid, particularly around the holidays. The season’s favorite pattern reigns supreme in our roundup of tartan spaces!

Martha Stewart

Tartans and plaids are historically associated with Scottish clans, particularly the Highlanders during the medieval period. While the terms “tartan” and “plaid” are interchangeable as fabric names today, tartans actually signify a Scottish family’s clan, while plaids are now considered “blankets” or “cloaks” in Scotland that are worn as kilts.


Rich mahogany, dark finishes, and bold patterns give this bathroom a distinctly masculine feel. BHG.com

Jbanks blog

How about some preppy plaid underfoot via these cute Flor tiles?

Nothing says Christmas in our house quite as well as plaid jammies! Add the dog? Come on- Cozy!
LLBean Pajamas


1 Holiday Plaid Cocktail Napkins, Crate & Barrel, set of 6 $8.95 2 Leather & Tartan Waist Belt, ASOS, $18.18 3 Tommy Hilfiger Bright Tartan Tie, Macy's, $29.75 4 Tartans by Brian Wilton, from $11.98 5 Tartan Stick Umbrella, Target, $19.99 6 Repetto Tartan-Plaid Ballet Flats, Saks Fifth Avenue, $184.99 7 Tartan Salad/Dessert Plates, Pendleton, set of 4 $52.00 8 Tartan Scarf, Old Navy, $8.00 9 Tartan Pencil Case, ASOS, $9.09 10 Plaid Cashmere Throw, Williams-Sonoma, $199.00 11 Tartan Suitcase, ASOS, $77.27 12 The Cambridge Satchel Leather Satchel, ASOS, $236.34 13 Juicy Couture Wool-Blend Tartan Jacket, Net-a-Porter, $330.00 


Jeffery Banks Coffee Table Book: Romancing the Plaid

We'd love to see how you've incorporated plaid into your home!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Mantels, Garlands & Vignettes-a quick way to add some Christmas cheer to a room!

We have had the best time helping clients decorate for Christmas. The one bad part is when we come like elves in the night day and decorate and then we're gone by the time of the big reveal! I guess we'll just have to settle for their profuse compliments.

A quick garland and a vignette are a perfect way to infuse holiday decor on an entryway table, buffet or family room console. It doesn't take a lot of time or money to implement and can have a big impact. 

Here are a few we've done this season and in years past:

Look at this beautiful old, world greenery/ribbon combo. We've added sugared fruit in complementary colors to the garland. And, we've accented with pieces of mercury glass and a lamp. This is a daytime shot of a pre-lit garland. If you add flameless candles on a timer, the whole scene comes to life nightly. 

Jacki whipped up this teal fabulosity to incorporate our client's new family room decor into her Christmas decorations.

mantel, garland, christmas decor, teal christmas decor, flocked-pinecones

I just wasn't feeling traditional red and green in my old dining room:


So we chose spa blue ribbon with silver ornaments.

After creating our garden and gun wreath for a local event, Jacki was inspired to incorporate more nature in her Christmas decor this year. I LOVE the sled! How perfect!

christmas-garland-mantle, garland-mantel, natural-christmas-decorating, burlap-bow-christmas

PBKids-bunny-woodland-stocking, Pottery-barn-linen-stockings

natural-burlap-wreath, garden and gun, pottery-barn-birch-candle-hurricane

The mantel in my last house...

copper-christmas-garland, christmas decor, mantle-accessories

Here's the dining room buffet for our teal, loving client. I always tell Jacki she's the MacGyver of home decor. Nothing is off limits for her. She will raid your kitchen cabinets and your kids rooms for props. Here she incorporated a serving piece and family photos for a stunning vignette.

teal-silver-christmas-decorations, teal-garland, flocked-garland

mantel, garland, buffet-garland-christmas decor, teal-accessories, teal-christmas garland, christmas ornaments, christmas tree, teal Christmas garland, seasonal decor,

Jacki added this wreath to her vent hood. Ya know, a little Christmas everywhere never hurt!

kitchen christmas decor, wreath, copper-range-hood
Next week we will bring you pics of our first ever, decorated live tree, but here's a sneak peak at some other spots in the house!

Varying height are key for any display (a food buffet, seasonal decor, etc.). A candlestick (stolen from another part of the home) elevates this driftwood tree to balance jolly, old St. Nick!

driftwood tree, christmas decor

I've gotta say, this might be the mac daddy of all garlands!

christmas-banister-garland, christmas decor, accessories, christmas

Simple boughs adorned with a beautiful bow bring just the right amount of festivity to these stair railings.

stair rail christmas decor

I've saved the best (IMHO) for last. Two areas from my own home:

First, the entryway buffet. 

I LOVE the mercury glass trees! For extra awesomeness, I have flameless candles on timers, as well as, a strand of lights on a timer in two of the Christmas trees. At 5 pm every night, this space glows with the warmth of the season. And, at 10 pm, the lights turn off. Honestly, does it get any better than that??


Stunning right??

pottery barn mercury glass tree

And, here's another sweet, Christmas spot in my home:


Over the years I've had my children's picture taken with Santa Clause...the real Santa. Last year I was fortunate to gather a picture of my husband with a drunk Santa and also one of myself having "a moment" with the big guy!

I have also been collecting Father Christmas figurines. The two collections look simply amazing. 

How fun are those? 

We even have a picture with Santa Cow, one of the Chick-Fil-A mascots.

I hope we've inspired you to go get some ribbon and finish those last few spaces that haven't yet received their Christmas magic!

As always, Merry Christmas!

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