Thursday, December 12, 2013

Home for the Holidays-Top 5 Tips for being a great hostess!

The holidays are in full swing and the time has come to finish that last minute prep before welcoming your guests. Even if you aren't expecting a big crowd this season, you wouldn't be reading our ever-so-humble blog if you didn't like to keep your abode at its best.

Here are our Top 5 tips to get ready for ALL the upcoming holidays with plenty of time to obsess over what you'll wear for the festivities.

1. Create an inviting entrance-

We told you all about getting your front porch ready to party for the fall! If you had your big hurrah at Thanksgiving or you scared the living daylights out of the entire neighborhood with your Halloween haunting, you may not be channeling your inner Clark Griswold. Do not fear! 

Go for classic and simple. Start with a wreath on your door. If you don't want to pay big bucks for a custom faux wreath, go to the Christmas tree lot and either a) get some scraps and make your own OR b) get a fresh wreath. Put a bow on it and call it Christmas. Whatever you do, get a wreath and a Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza door mat. Seriously. Non-negotiable.


2. Decorate for the season. 

Jacki and I have holiday spirit in spades and like to have Christmas explode in our homes. That *may* be extreme-mind you I'm admitting nothing. 

While it isn't necessary to go to the lengths we enjoy, try adding some festive touches. If you don't want to go all out, go for a table top tree or a pretty tablescape on your dining room sideboard and/or entryway table. 


3. Clean the place. 

Do I really need to explain this? I'm not talking white glove ready, let's be real. Pick up the Barbies and/or Legos, get the rings out of the toilet and generally make sure you're in no danger of being shut down by the health department. Seriously, would you want to nosh on something that came out of this kitchen?

4. Give your guest a little breathing room.

I did a whole post on getting your guest room ready so I won't go into too much detail. Remember, whether you have a dedicated guest room or not, no one enjoys being on top of one another. So, carve out some space for your guest. Kick the kids out of their rooms and build them a "fort" somewhere else in the house. They'll love it and it will only be for a few nights anyway. 

5. Make it special

Even the smallest gathering deserves special attention. Whether it's placecards at your big meal or a lit votive at each setting (not for the kids!), do a little something to let your guests know they are worth the extra effort! Other ideas might be an arrangement of fresh flowers or even a small prize for a game! OR- multi-task...the flower arrangement can be the game prize. Remember, thoughtful doesn't have to be expensive!

I guess my final advice is to relax and enjoy time spent with family and friends. This whole hectic holidays gag is for the birds! Yes, it is a busy time of year but it is not a race!

Merry Christmas Y'all!

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