Friday, January 3, 2014

A Gallery Wall? Displaying Kid Art? Camouflaging a TV? Yes! Yes! Yes!

As the post-holiday haze clears a bit and you see all that you have to clean up, put away and straighten, here's a bit of a time-killer respite from your chores.

Since we had a house full over the holiday, I got busy with a project that's been on the list since we moved in August. 
(Read: Literally as they were pulling up, we were putting the hammer and nails away.)

Are you inundated (weekly) with your children's masterpieces? Some are round file worthy (bless their precious, little hearts!) and some are truly exceptional!

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Monet's Japanese Footbridge as reproduced by a kindergartner!

Here's the play room/loft area before the kid art wall:

Dang! Look how clean it is. Of course, it hasn't looked like this since the exact moment this pic was snapped!

Alas! I wish I had some strategic, step-by-step plan to share with you on how to make the perfect gallery wall, but I don't. Although it didn't take as many tries as Jacki's last gallery wall, I'll admit I did have a few extra nail holes.

To say I had no strategy is not entirely true. Since the wall is a work in progress (read: school will start again in a week and there will be more masterpieces) I only had four pieces to hang right now. I started with the largest two and hung them opposite each other, catty-corner if you will. 

I've read about and seen pictures of gallery walls that camouflage an exposed TV but have yet to do it for myself or a client. But with only two pictures hung, the TV seems to be less of an eyesore already.

Since the other two pics were the same size, my symmetry loving self debated hanging them levelly beside each other to the right of the whale. 

But, Jacki's mockery gentle guidance rang in my head and I hung them slightly askew. I actually kind of like the off-kilter-ness. It's a lot like my life, a little off balance but really beautifully chaotic.

Here's what it looks like now, giant robot and all:

What projects have you tackled lately? What's still on the list?

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