Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Design Trend: Herringbone

As you know, I can't leave well enough alone...... AND today's a snow day without a single flake of snow (as of yet). Since I'm forced to stay at home and stay off the roads (since I might slip on that one flake), I've been dreaming of a room to re-do. 

The candidate: My oldest son's room!

 He just turned 14 and even though he doesn't care one bit, I'd love to get him a queen-sized bed and some furniture that wasn't found at the flea market. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

You know how some people (ahem, Catherine) have a pillow problem, or a magazine problem? Well, I wouldn't classify it as a problem as of yet, but I am seriously obsessed with herringbone. And brick herringbone? I adore it!

Almost in the way Catherine loves chevron, I've decided that somewhere in my house, I need some herringbone. I think it would look great in Jack's room.
A Mommy's Life with a Touch of Yellow
Imagine my delight when I ran across this blog with all sorts of herringbone projects!

Vintage herringbone quilt
What? WHERE did you find that quilt? Oh, your Great Grandma quilted it for your Grandma in 1923? Oh, so it's an heirloom? Oh, so I can't have it? Ohhhhh, Kaaaaay. Plan B: FIND herringbone bedding. So far no luck.
Google Images: Marble Herringbone Tile
Well, clearly, I'm going to have to renovate the bathroom too so I can have matching marble tile. Fortunately, my clients building a house nearby in Cary let me toss in a little bit of herringbone into their new kitchen. Nice, huh?

Think this is good? Wait til you see it with grout....
Uh huh. See? Are you feeling the herringbone love with me?
Serena and Lily Ochre Throw
Ok, maybe this could be a good starting point.
House Beautiful Sisal Runner

Lucite Tray

Source: Traditional Home Magazine
People tend to freak out around here when they hear the "S" word, and still not one flake. As I sit, cozy by my fireplace, I'll be dreaming up herringbone duvets and coverlets that somehow don't yet exist on the internet. What will you dream up?

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