Thursday, January 9, 2014

Simplify your life.... Purge and Organize, a New Year's challenge


As I prepare my home to put on the market this spring, I've been taking this organization thing SERIOUSLY. Instead of stripping the Christmas tree and stuffing everything back into the old Hoover vacuum box again, I vowed to give every, single, holiday item a proper home. This was just the beginning of my mission to make every space in my house a functional, organized masterpiece.

1. You don't really need that college sorority sweatshirt.

A few years ago, Catherine, who is ruthless when it comes to clutter, came over to "help" me organize. When we got to my closet, she threw away every, single one of my lettered sorority shirts, including my well-loved sweatshirts. I was depressed for days over those sweatshirts, but you know what? I haven't needed them once in three years. We now refer to this as "Operation Sweatshirt".

If you're sick and tired of your disorganized home, and you've resolved to finally do something about it, the first thing you need to do is PURGE. Take a day (or two) to go through closets, shelves, boxes and overflowing drawers to get rid of items you don't need. Once you get rid of all those useless items, your home will be able to breathe, and so will you.

2. Add storage solutions for every room in your house

Once you've purged your unused items, it's time to find storage solutions for items you keep. Time to tidy up the books and magazines piled on desks and the clothing piled on the elliptical machine. It's actually an exercise device rather than a coatrack. Invest in some book shelves for books you want to keep but first ask yourself, "Will I ever read this book again?". If the answer is no, then that book just became clutter. Use decorative baskets, trays and boxes for kitchen, bedroom and bathroom storage.

3. When space is at a premium, find double duty furniture

Think about investing in furniture that does double duty as storage. Beds, ottomans, coffee tables that have ample space hidden within will instantly eliminate clutter. This is especially useful if you have young children — just pop the toys into a trunk that doubles as a coffee table to tidy the living room in no time. I'm loving the plans for a storage bed from sawdustgirl.


4. Use wall space to keep your home tidy

Maximize vertical space by adding hooks where you can. This will get things off the ground and create more space. Try hooks on the wall for towels in the bathroom and coats in a front entry. A tidier home is the result of getting the clutter off the floor. Try hanging a tension rod under the kitchen sink to hold all the spray bottles and cleaning supplies.

5. A place for everything and everything in it's place.

Commit to this New Year's resolution by keeping up your new storage solutions. Instead of throwing your coat on the bed when you walk in the door, get in the habit of hanging it up in the coat closet. Every little bit of consistency will result in a tidy home you will be proud of.

 Ahhhhhhhh. That feels good, right?


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