Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Warm up this winter with a cozy outdoor fireplace!

With record low temps in central NC lately, many are left longing for summer days around the campfire. One of our client's decided they couldn't wait for summer to start enjoying their backyard patio space.

A few years ago, the customer's added this wonderful cut bluestone patio. The pieces of stone are 2' x 3' and the space is charming and functional for grilling and outdoor dining.

There was just one thing missing; warmth! Typically, you can use your backyard patio at least 10 or 11 months out of the year here in North Carolina. This week is certainly the exception!

outdoor-stone-fireplace, fireplace-rustic-mantle
After pouring over photographs, we came up with some great design ideas to incorporate to make the new outdoor fireplace a perfect fit within the existing landscape.

Must haves:
  1. Large~ 10-12 feet tall
  2. Bluestone or Flagstone that complements the existing patio
  3. Reclaimed, chunky wood mantle
  4. Privacy Redwood screen between their property and their neighbor

Here are some examples of phenomenal outdoor fireplaces we used as inspiration!
stone-fireplace-seating-wall, bluestone-patio

"Nice to" haves:
  1. Exterior lighting
  2. Wood storage rack on backside of structure
  3. Built in stone bench for extra seating
  4. Bar area for entertaining

After approving the sketch, we are ready to get started. Let's hope we can finish this gem before the Super Bowl.

For added privacy along the side yard we will build a Redwood trellis screen. When incorporated into seating wall, it will be both beautiful and functional.

Selections at the stone yard were overwhelming. With so many choices, we had to zero in on the most complementary stone for the job. In the mood board we presented to the client, you can see that our choice has just enough rustic charm, with the clean lines they prefer. No exposed mortar joints was another personal style decision that is going to keep the focus on the beauty of the stone.

We'll post photos of the progress; so check back with us in the next few weeks!

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