Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tiny Cottage Kitchen Makeover- Take 2

You may remember our attempt to gain some counter space in our TINY cottage kitchen at Oak Island.

Weeeeellllllllll, as usual, that wasn't enough.

A: I couldn't leave well enough alone.
B: I wasn't satisfied.
C: I am a nut case who is looking for a project.
D: All of the above.

As much as I hate to admit it, if you answered D, you'd be right. 

Cottage Kitchen: Before

Believe it or not, it was actually worse than this originally. The refrigerator died and we found a replacement with an icemaker at a local second-hand place. That was the beginning of the snowball effect. 

Removing the weird laundry sink proved to be a major improvement. Bringing the refrigerator out so it opens into the living room opened up the galley style kitchen considerably. 

Ann-Sacks-twighlight-gloss-subway-tile, Edsvik-Ikea-sink

And the countertops..... Can we talk about the counter space? Ahhhh. SO much better. 
I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start with the demo. 

It's always fun to take down walls and find that the wall that holds the wall-mounted bathroom sink was eaten alive by termites. 

That, my friends is a chewed up piece of wood. Termite damage is no joke. Luckily, all the little boogers were dead and gone; eradicated by the last people who "renovated". 

New framing. New plumbing. New wiring. 

Our pooch, Georgia, did not like the vacuum. But she's going to love all the new space in the cottage.

Me: Can you just move the sink over a bit?

Patrick: You mean, move the plumbing?

Me: Well, yeah, that's not a big deal, right?

Patrick: (mean face)

Fast forward a few days and these two butts are under the cottage running pipes, electrical and other various ugly things that I don't care about. 

I'll make a (not) quick road trip to Charlotte to get the fun stuff. 

The Ikea Numerar Beech Butcherblock Countertop was actually IN stock. Everytime I check, it's out of stock, so there must be a lot of these counters in North Carolina. I am SO curious what everyone used to seal them. 

 Ikea Edsvik Faucet. How cute is this little guy? He's so retro and vintage and charming all wrapped up into one inexpensive faucet. 

Ikea Fyndig Stainless Sink with Drainboard. No, there's no dishwasher in the cottage. The green side of me hates using paper products, so I figured I'd get a drainboard to encourage hand-washing. 


Remember the score of the century, the gigantic lantern light fixture from the Durham Habitat store? And the Cheetah captain's chairs?
Well, this glossy subway tile has moved into first place in the category of awesome Habitat finds!

 $0.18 a piece. $9.00 a box


This image is on the Ann Sacks website but it does not do this tile justice. 

In some lights it looks gray, and in some a little green, or even aqua. Depending on where you stand in the room and the light coming in, it reads blue-gray-white-green-aqua. Amazing tile! 

I hope Patrick bought enough for the downstairs beach bathroom. Even if we have to order some more at full price, it will be worth it~
I want this tile everywhere! 



After reading and re-reading many, many blog posts about how to seal the beech Ikea Numerar butcherblock counters, we decided to use Waterlox. I think Patrick put on a total of five coats, letting each dry thoroughly in between. 
It was not a fast process, but we rent the cottage in the summer and I wanted these countertops to LAST, without having to worry about oiling and re-oiling. 


Finally, I have a fun surprise! Patrick set up the GoPro camera and did a time-lapse video of the entire project. In just a few minutes, you can see how the whole thing went down. Just push the play button and enjoy. I love it!

Cottage Kitchen Update on Youtube


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