Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quick Fix: Dress up $10 curtains with ribbon

Where can you find two 98" crisp, white curtain panels for $10? Ikea of course. If you want to jazz them up a little while still staying within a budget, try adding ribbon. 

Vivan Curtains

You may remember we used the Vivan curtains in Catherine's daughter's new "tween" room. They look great without embellishment too. 

Again, a great look alone, but if you want a little extra umph........

If you aren't a fan of pulling out the sewing machine, ribbon can be glued on or ironed on with hem tape. Now, come on, you CAN do that. You have to iron the Vivan curtains anyway when you pull them out of the package. You might as well add a little embellishment. 


Here you can just catch a glimpse of the sweet pom, pom trim on Catherine's daughter's curtains. 


The look doesn't have to be juvenile. This sharp black on white ribbon trim bumps up the sophistication in this room.

Good tutorial on "little black door" blog.

So if you are looking for a fresh new look for spring, try adding some ribbon to dress up you curtains.

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