Friday, November 28, 2014

Dream Kitchen Remodel with all the bells and whistles

Since we've all spent a fair amount of time either cooking or eating in the past few days, I am inspired to share a kitchen renovation completed by Poovey Construction nearly a decade ago.

The lesson is that design trends may come and go but you simply cannot go wrong with classic, cherry cabinetry.

The client wanted a timeless design without being trendy.

If you use timeless materials and your kitchen will never look dated.

I love the depth the contrasting island granite brings to the room without making the space seem dark!

Appliance garage with retractable doors-convenience without the clutter of devices "on" the countertop.

Although cost wasn't an issue in this case, a smaller version of a large copper sink is one way to have "budget luxe".

What is your preference? Trendy or Timeless?


  1. I really like your tip to use timeless materials so that your kitchen will never look outdated. You don't want to use colors that are just a current fad. Look at the styles that have lasted through the ages. Those will likely be the ones that will last through the future.

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