Friday, December 5, 2014

Ikea Bletviva Life Hack: How to train your curtains

Jacki just moved this summer and is hard at work turning the new house into their family HOME. 

As everyone knows, moving is expensive so it's smart to save where you can and make splurges count!

The bedroom looked pretty good when they moved in:

Previous Owner's decorated bedroom

The wall color is Benjamin Moore Imperial Gray. I found some photos on the internet of the paint, but they didn't truly represent how the color really looks. It is the prettiest blue-gray.

Because I know you want to know, the Duvet Cover and Shams are Cynthia Rowley. Amazon has a fabulous selection here. If you're wondering how to make your bed adorable like this, see our tutorial.

Alas, one thing missing--the windows need dressing. Nothing cozies up a room like some curtains, right? Hang 'em HIGH ladies; it'll make your ceilings seem taller. 


While our clients hire us for our expertise, there are always new products coming on the market and this fun job allows us to shop constantly (and our husbands don't even mind!). Several of our clients have purchased the these curtains and we never cease to be amazed at how AWESOME they look. These are the Ikea Blekviva Curtains in Gray Stripe and only cost $50 FOR A PAIR! I think they look way more expensive. They even have blackout lining to darken the room for sleeping! Seriously?!

Having worked with a seriously high end decorator years ago, Jacki DEFINITELY has champagne tastes and a beer budget. These are great straight out of their package but to get the "designer look" they needed a tweak. This is the look she was going for:

But, something like that would cost hundreds of dollars per window. 

Only problem was, right out of the package, the draperies seemed a little sloppy. 
And as "they" say, necessity is the mother of all invention...

I give you the cereal box life hack:

Yes friends, those are cereal boxes (Raisin Nut Bran and Captain Crunch to be specific) and Jacki carefully put the boxes in position to "train" some pleats into these beauties. 

Check back with us in a couple of weeks or so, after they've had time to behave themselves and fall into perfect pleats. Jacki will "release" them just before her guests arrive for Christmas. 

Brilliant, am I right?

Ikea Blekviva Gray Stripe Curtains Panels: 2 pair, $100
Tailor labor to hem to 93":  $48
(SO embarrassing that I didn't hem them myself. I can't find my sewing machine! Seriously, it has to be in a box somewhere.)

Total: $208 for TWO windows. 

Applause please.

As you're spending your entire decorating budget on holiday gifts and festivities, remember what your mother said: "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!" She didn't know how right she was!


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