Friday, February 10, 2017

Creating Texture in Interiors

Introducing a variety of textures and patterns throughout your design scheme with throws, pillows, rugs and draperies can help to create a comforting environment. Whether linens, velvets or polished marble; utilizing textures through textiles and surfaces is key to design success.

When interior designers refer to texture it’s the surface quality of a material to which they are referring. A surface’s texture whether smooth or rough, furry or combed, can vary based on our perception as well as applied or directional lighting. Rough surfaces can seem more textured next to smooth ones when viewed up close, or even when lit from the side. We also imply texture through our assumptions about the material based on memories of touching similar surfaces. This perception is known as visual texture.

We often incorporate texture to enforce our design concept. Texture can be used to communicate a particular design style or to differentiate objects and surfaces. If a designer wishes to create a monochromatic scheme, texture can be the key to its success. Texture can influence scale, transform light and tell a designer’s story.

Similar to the way that color can affect how warm or cool a room feels, texture can influence the tone and weight of a room.

Texture can be added just about anywhere in interiors. Be cognizant of how your textured surfaces will add or detract from the overall design feel you are trying to achieve. From a glass coffee table to a textural wallpaper, try rough or natural textures to convey a rustic scheme or smooth and glossy ones for a modern interior.

It’s important to remember that texture adds interest to your room. The contrast that comes with texture will make important elements stand out. So go ahead and play off of your home’s architecture and create a canvas of textural wow’s.


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